Electronic notification

Terms and conditions of the electronic notification service

It will be notified by this means to the persons who are obliged to relate electronically according to Article 14.2 of Law 39/2015 and the Instruction of November 11, 2022 of the General Secretary of the University of BarcelonaAll electronic notifications sent will be stored in the E-Office of the University of Barcelona, where they may be accessed and viewed.

The electronic alerts and notification system will send the interested party emails and/or text messages to inform them when new notifications are available in the E-Office, provided that a valid email address and/or mobile telephone number has been provided.

In accordance with Article 43.2 of Law 39/2015, of 1 October, on electronic access to public services, any notification that has been stored in the E-Office for a period of ten calendar days and has not been accessed will be classed as rejected, and the procedure in question will continue.

Electronic office