What is the electronic office?

The electronic office is a place on the Internet where citizens can exercise their right of access to information, services and procedures of the University electronically, with a guarantee of the integrity and veracity of the content

The electronic office has a higher level of guarantees and security to comply with Law 40 of 1 October 2015, on the legal regime of the public sector.

The holder of the electronic office is the University of Barcelona and the management and administration corresponds to the General Secretary's Office. The areas and units are responsible, in the areas of their competencies, for the veracity of the information, the procedures and services they publish.

The address of the electronic office is: seu.ub.edu.

Target audience?

The electronic office is intended for citizens, members of the public, the private sector and other organizations that want or need to interact with the University of Barcelona by Internet. 


To use the electronic office and the services it offers, you need to have a browser installed, such as Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox or Chrome. Some procedures may require an electronic certificate or other identification and signature systems.

Electronic office